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Financial Advisor in Woodinville

As a financial advisor in Woodinville, Washington, I wanted to know how many of my fellow advisors in Woodinville own an independent firm. While there are plenty of advisors and firms in nearby Bellevue and Seattle, I was shocked at how few financial advisors operate their own firms here in Woodinville!

According to FINRA and the SEC, there are 28 Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms with a location in Woodinville. However, most of them are national broker-dealer firms such as Edward Jones or Northwestern Mutual, which are not local. I wanted to find out how many advisory firms in Woodinville are owned and operated by local advisors who serve the community.

After filtering out the national firms and those with multiple locations, I found out that there are only 5 firms that are exclusively located in Woodinville. Of those 5, 1 is a hedge fund that does not seem to offer financial advice to other clients. That means there are only 4 locally owned and operated investment advisors in Woodinville. Sophos Wealth Management is proud to be one of them!

I am a big fan of independently owned RIA firms. They ensure advisors act as fiduciaries who put their clients’ interests first. They also have no corporate pressure to sell certain products and you virtually never see fiduciary advisors selling high-fee products that make little sense for clients like variable annuities or whole life insurance.

I am amazed that there are not more independent RIAs in Woodinville, but I hope that the number will grow in the future as more advisors at national firms realize the benefits for their clients (and themselves). 

If you are looking for a locally owned and operated investment advisor in Woodinville, I invite you to check out Sophos Wealth Management!

Scott Caufield, CFA, CPA